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Design & Tradefair Consultant

L&M Standbouw

With us, you will build strong and certain

With L&M Standbouw a different concept

Installation - design - building your Stand

L&M uses its unique team of in-house experts to provide a total solution for all your trade fair requirements. Their expertise enables an efficient workflow resulting in short lead times from design to the construction of your stand.

After you have verified that the stand is to your desire, the entire stand is packed and shipped to the trade fair venue. As we control all aspects of construction and transport there will be no unforeseen, time consuming complications at the trade fair grounds. Safe and sound when the hours count.

L&M Standbouw a different approach

Successful participation in trade fairs depend on effective communication of your company's house style, business philosophy, and publicity tools.

It is of considerable importance that the design of your stand fits seamlessly with these elements, and that this design provides added value, strengthening the relations with your customers. We offer designs that are tailor-made to your requirements and budget, from striking simplicity to large conceptual designs, with surface areas ranging from 25 to 750 m2.

For further information or a meeting with our local agent please contact our Account Manager at: Seggelant-Zuid 6c-d | 3237 ME Vierpolders - Brielle | +31181 - 741011 | info@lenmstandbouw.com